Manufacturer and exporter of insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, intermediate chemical, pesticide.

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>>  Insecticides
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>>  Intermediate
>>  Bio Pesticides
>>  Plant Growth Regulator
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Acetamiprid Cartap
Etofenprox Imazethapyr
Fipronil Nicosulfuron
Thiamethoxam Clopyralid
Emamectin Benzoate Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl
Bacillus Thuringiensis Prothioconazole
Penconazole Abamectin
Tebuconazole Tribenuron
Kresoxim-methyl Bispyribac-Sodium

betway体育客户端检测平台. is one of the leading agrochemicals manufacturing enterprises in China. The company is located in the beautiful ancient city Nanjing- the capital of Jiangsu province, about 300KM from Shanghai and the manufacturing base is located in Yangzhou city and Lianshui country.

Bessen has rapidly integrated scientific research, development and production specializing in the field of high quality technicals and environment-friendly formulations. We deal in agrochemical and corresponding equipment, including 1.inseticide 2.fungicide 3.herbicidebetway体育客户端代理手机 We have advanced technology and many sets of excellent equipment, such as enamel reactor, rotary extruder, centrifugation machine, fluid machine and jet mill, wet crushing mill, screw extruder, rotary pelleting machine, boiling pelleting machine, sponging granulator and ball crusher which can synthesize high quality technicals and process SC/FS, WG/DF products in different specifications.... more


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We exported to many countries and areas around the world including Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Poland, United Kingdom, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, Tajikistan, Thailand, Philippine, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina.......
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